Soul, R&B and Gospel music have always gone together like texting and abbreviations. But that wasn't quite enough for Nuawd MuSiq, who added the realness and real life situation in his music. In a daring attempt to broaden the range of the traditional gospel audience, Nuawd MuSiq was willing to take heat from those who said it couldn't (or shouldn't) be done. "For me, it's all about spreading love through the words of the Lord," Nuawd MuSiq explained. “From my first songs to present day, that has been my primary mission.” Nuawd MuSiq Facts: * Born on September 22, 1985 * He started writing songs at age 11 * He was a member of the winners of the McDonald's Gospel Fest 2000-2001 "Soldiers On Soul Patrol". * He has been writing gospel songs for 10 years. * He recently recorded and wrote 5 songs for the group "Divine Purpose" Cd entitled "OUR PURPOSE OF PRAISE” Produced by Jobe Camarena and Co-Produced by Nuawd MuSiq.


Restoration Movement:


Restoration was started by "Nuawd MuSiq" Dwaun Roberson, who had experienced hurt and rejection in the church and wanted to make a change. Nuawd MuSiq's goal is to help those who have been torn down, rejected and to bring them back into the body of Christ. Nuawd has ministered all of the United States and has stood along side Andrae Crouch, Sheila Escovedo, Pattie LaBelle, Jill Jones and many more. Nuawds primary mission is to bring restoration back to the church, where people can feel loved and are not pushed away for the mistakes they have made. 



Nuawd MuSiq has been writing songs for 10 years. He has record with the famous Soldiers On Soul Patrol Choir as well as Divine Purpose. Nuawd is the worship leader at Faith Deliverance Apostolic Church in Fullerton California where his pastor is Christine Victorious Clarke.